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Our next Safety Fast Club event is currently being planned. There has been interest and discussion by club members about drives in the North Bay as well as the Santa Cruz mountains. We are deciding between several locations and destinations, but our goal is to include everyone, especially new members. When event details are determined, an announcement will be made to notify all club members.

As a member, you have a great deal of input into what events the Safety Fast Club holds. We're always open to interesting drives or destinations. If there are other events with which you'd like to schedule a Safety Fast Club drive, feel free to suggest them. What is most important is that these Bay Area events and drives are laid back and fun.

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August 10, 2002
Marin Tour

March 29, 2003
San Gregorio/Pescadero

October 5, 2003
East Bay Tour

February 29, 2004
Quadrennial Drive

March 20-21, 2004
HMSA MG Reunion

August 1, 2004
Mt. Diablo/Blackhawk