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The Safety Fast Club was created with one goal in mind: Let's get together and drive. Well, ok, there was also the goal of having fun... and the goal of meeting new people... oh, and the goal of sharing stories and knowledge of MGs. So there were actually a lot of reasons the club was started, but above all, it was created because there is no club like it.

The Safety Fast Club has a different perspective on the MG club world. We have gone back to the roots of car clubs and have revived the old tradition of actually driving the cars. It's fun to park your MG alongside a bunch of other MGs at a show, but it doesn't compare to the joy of driving your MG alongside a bunch of other MGs on one of the beautiful twisting highways the Bay Area has to offer. Remember, these cars were built to drive (some even built to race), not to park and polish. There's nothing wrong with keeping your car looking good, but you get more enjoyment out of it when you're behind the wheel, not when you're standing next to it.

We feel there shouldn't be any limitation or restriction on membership. Why does a club have to be exclusive when owning an MG makes you an exclusive part of the auto kingdom already? And why should you be charged a fee to meet people and drive your car? We couldn't think of any reasons, so that's why the Safety Fast Club is free. Besides, you get more for your money when things are free. You can't argue with that.

So here are the basics of the Safety Fast Club:

  • Any model of MG from any year in any condition is welcome.
  • The club is open to all people, even non-owner enthusiasts.
  • Registration and membership in the club is completely free.
  • With member input, the club will schedule periodic drives and gatherings.
  • The club aims to promote the enjoyment of driving MGs and meeting other owners.
  • The club is currently independent and not affiliated with any other club or organization.
  • If you have any questions regarding the Safety Fast Club, please contact the club at