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Mt. Diablo/Blackhawk Tour with the Safety Fast Club

I've always thought the adventurous climbers that scale Mount Everest are more than a bit crazy. Why do so many people voluntarily risk their lives when freezing temperatures, a lack of oxygen, and a 50% chance of death are the odds against them? I've never seen the point... until now. It's the view, and the feeling of being on top of the world, looking down on absolutely everything, if just for a brief moment. I realized this as I stood at the top of Mount Diablo.

Dennis and Sue Byron, '70 B
Tim and Tracy Delony, '79 B
Dan Hampshire, '68 B
Mark and Debbie Hertz, '74 Midget
Fred Kern, Z3
Mik and Linda Maquire, '78 B
Wayne and Janet Veatch, '67 B
Dan and Nancy Watson, '74 B
Troy Witzel and Marsha Stollar, '67 B

Of course, Mount Diablo is a mere speed bump in comparison. I wasn't gasping for breath or freezing my butt off, and my chances of making it back down were pretty good (as long as the Lucas parts stayed on their best behavior). But the view at the top was spectacular, and I felt like I was on top of the world.
On Sunday, August 1st , the Safety Fast Club met in Walnut Creek for a half-day drive to Mount Diablo and Blackhawk. Our plan was to wind our way to the top of the hill and stop for a picnic lunch before heading back down and on to the Blackhawk Museum. This was the shortest SFC drive to date (approximately 32 miles). We traded driving time for drooling time at one of the most fascinating automobile collections in the world.
This event was an interesting mix of sights. After leaving Walnut Creek, we were treated to the expansive nature of Mount Diablo State Park, then the expensive estates of Blackhawk, and finally the elegance of a museum that can best be described as heaven for car enthusiasts.
Thanks to all who attended for making the event a success. A special thanks to Fred Kern for being our knowledgeable docent at the museum, Dan Watson for suggesting a trip up Mount Diablo, and the Blackhawk Museum staff for their hospitality and understanding that things don't always follow plan when temperamental British cars are involved. Also, thanks to Mark Hertz, Tim Delony, and Dan Watson for taking some of these photos.

As a member, you have a great deal of input into what events the Safety Fast Club holds. We're always open to interesting drives or destinations. If there are other events with which you'd like to schedule a Safety Fast Club drive, feel free to suggest them. What is most important is that these Bay Area events and drives are laid back and fun.

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