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Marin County Tour with the Safety Fast Club

On Saturday, August 10th the Safety Fast Club met for a half-day tour of Marin County. Our journey would take us 115 miles through numerous small towns and beautiful scenery. It was a warm morning that turned into quite a hot day. We had a small yet diverse group of MGs including a 1948 TC, 1952 TD, 1967 B, and 1974 BGT. We also had a few members follow along in non-MGs (we look forward to seeing their cars in the future).

We left our meeting spot in Greenbrae (at the south end of San Rafael) and headed out through San Anselmo, Fairfax, and Lagunitas among several other towns. We cruised through a redwood tree-lined state park and enjoyed the shade and the dip in temperature. Our first quick stop was at Point Reyes Station before continuing on to the Marin French Cheese Company in Petaluma for our lunch stop. Lunch was, as it should be, less about eating than it was about car talk. The cars drew plenty of attention from other motorists and cyclists, many of whom had their own MG stories.
After lunch it was time to hit the road again and we drove on to Marshall and Tomales. Once again we experienced a range of temperatures and watched our water temperature gauges with a wary eye as they rose and fell. It got a bit hot as we headed up the long hill towards the bay, but the downhill ride made it all worthwhile. The cars cooled and so did the drivers and then both were rewarded with a perfect, newly paved section of Highway 1.
Our second quick stop in Tomales turned out to be a long stop because we met some new friends. We came across another TD, an A, and an unusual Alfa Giulietta and shared car stories with their owners. The Alfa even joined us for a bit of our trip from that point. From Tomales we headed back inland towards Petaluma again. The trip continued with a fun blast down the twisties on Lucas Valley Road before concluding in Marinwood (at the north end of San Rafael).
The trip was definitely a great success. The drivers and MGs withstood the heat as air temperatures climbed into the 90s, although the cars may have faired better overall. Thanks to all who participated and made the trip possible. For those who could not make it, we look forward to seeing you at our next meet.
Remember, as a member, you have a great deal of input into what events the Safety Fast Club holds. We're always open to interesting drives or destinations. If there are other events with which you'd like to schedule a Safety Fast Club drive, feel free to suggest them. What is most important is that these Bay Area events and drives are laid back and fun.

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