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It's kept under a cover in your garage and treated like a special member of your family. You remember the day you got it as well as you remember your wedding day. It's never had any rust and never will because you've kept it looking as good as it did when it left the factory in Abingdon decades ago. It turns heads and gathers crowds every time you're out with it.

Or maybe it's kept out in the driveway and thought of as a troublesome and temperamental friend who is grumpy when awakened on a cold morning. You find yourself talking to it on a regular basis, often asking it to pull through for you one more time. Sometimes you argue or plead with it when it starts making an unusual new noise. You wonder how much more time you've got before you have to start saying it's rust colored instead of British Racing Green. You've thought about removing the top permanently because the holes let in more rain than it keeps out. Either way, it's your MG... and you love it.

There's a reason you own an MG. These cars are special. They have soul. There is a huge amount of history in that car you own and you remember a little bit of it each time you start it up. MGs were designed to stir emotions and instill passion. But they were built to be driven. Isn't it time you joined others like yourself and shared that experience? You're not the only one. Doesn't your MG deserve a group of its own friends to play with?

It does, and that's why there's the Safety Fast Club. So check out our site and learn about who we are and what we do. And if you've got an MG in your garage or would like to someday, join the club. It's fun and there's no cost for registration or membership. That's right, it's free. This is probably the only place you'll ever hear "MG" and "no cost" mentioned together. So come on, what are you waiting for? Join us.